BDD-S - System

Back mounted buckets / Side mounted buckets

Type BDD-S

Chain system for high capacity bucket elevators or bucket elevators with gravity discharge to elevate a wide range of bulk material, highly wear resistant, long round steel chains connected with chain couplings form an endless chain loop - no weak points because of open chain links; high chain speeds result in max. capacities with high duty buckets; BDDS attachment runs over toothed drive sprockets with replaceable and adjustable  individual teeth and un-toothed chain rolls, bucket attachment over 2-chain link pitches ensure optimised bucket support; individual mounting of chain and buckets; variable bucket distance; easy mounting and demounting of the bucket attachment BDD-S.

BDD-S System consists of:

 - SEG-A / RHV Drive wheel
 - HV / DS – chain
 - VHV Connecting link
 - SEG-E Tail wheel

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