For mohs hardness (7-10)

The Mohs Hardness Scale for mineral hardness is a qualitative order table that characterizes the scratch resistance of various minerals by the ability that a harder mineral can scratch a softer mineral.

Depending on the hardness of the material, pewag recommends different types of links that are best suited to the surface.

Links for Mohs hardness (7-10)

Extra tough and durable wear link, specially designed for the largest wheel loaders in the world, as well as for all applications in particularly abrasive hard rock.

tycoon ultimate
Lighter and more durable: the particularly resistant and hard-wearing wear link ensures increased service life while reducing weight. Specially designed for the world's largest wheel loaders, as well as for all applications in particularly abrasive hard rock.

Extremely dense (square) mesh construction for optimum tire protection and long service life in wet and abrasive applications. Good gripping effect on ice and snow in hexagonal net shape.

Fitting net shape for tycoon, tycoon ultimate and ringstar: square, hexa.

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