RSWP Load binder

Get some leverage.

This universal load binder with an optimised lever length for one- and two-part lashing chain systems is suitable for direct lashing as well as for lashing down in the pewag winner pro Connex system and corresponds to EN 12195‑3 with the lashing capacity of G12.

Please refer to the tables for the correct selection of load binders and accessories, taking into account the load to be secured and the local operating conditions.

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Tabella dati tecnici

RSWP Load binder Code / Type marking / stamping LC lashing capacity
STF Standard tension force
length closed L
length open L
Tension range
Lever length l
Measurement Image RSWP 7/8 Type A 60 1.900 355 497 142 237 20 16 3,20
RSWP 10 Type B 100 3.000 365 505 140 355 26 18 3,80
RSWP 13 Type C 160 2.500 576 865 289 359 31 22 9,90




RSWP 7/8