SSM S-Hook

Better safe than sorry.

S-hook with safety catch.
This S-hook withstands temperatures of up to 300°C. It is manufactured according to EN 1677‑1 and classified as a grade 8 special accessory. The hook may also be used as an intermediate hook if the „g“ jaw size of the HSW hook is insufficient, or as an intermediate hook with wire rope loops.

Always observe the load capacities – they do not correspond to grade 10! A full operating manual provides details on usage and application.

This S-hook comes with CE-marking. It is suitable for straight pull only and the tip must not be placed under load. 

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Tabella dati tecnici

SSM S-Hook Code / Type weight
Measurement Image SSM 5 0,88
SSM 7/8 1,60
SSM 10 4,10
SSM 13 8,50